The biggest trend or anti-trend for some is the selfie… right? It is an instagram fixture, it is a popular format for YouTube videos and is the best way to see how your friends are dressing, aging and what they are purchasing.
For brands this is a not only a potentially free marketing tool, it is also, arguably, a more authentic endorsement of your brand than what would come out of a marketing department
We have worked closely with clients to develop this User Generated Content to help drive sales through product endorsement from consumer to consumer.

Gathering content is the easy part, we enticed the followers of the brands to take photos of themselves in product. This is was done with some clients from a shopping confirmation email, inviting customers to take the selfie, add the hashtag and be in the running to win more product or discount on more shopping. This allows the customer to own the way they wear the product and provides a down to earth look at how the product is being used.

To turbo charge this idea, we have implemented shoppable galleries on client websites provide a visual merchandising, and product endorsement. By collecting these selfies via the hashtags we can populate a main gallery on the home page that prompts shopping and allows easy access to purchase. We also urge client