Why use Hashtags

Hashtags are an increasingly popular way to promote your brand. The main benefit in using a hashtags in social media is to reach a large audience with little cost. By using this booming tool you can spread your brand and take advantage of new treads and push your message out. The hashtag (#) is now […]

keeping Mobile in Mind

With well over 50% of ecommerce purchases happing on mobile, and most social networks boasting even higher percentages, there is no doubt mobile is the most engaged platform. Here are 10 reasons we utilize to make sure the user is found. There are more Mobile shoppers than PC shoppers 42.8% of marketing executives plan to […]

Making the Selfie Work

The biggest trend or anti-trend for some is the selfie… right? It is an instagram fixture, it is a popular format for YouTube videos and is the best way to see how your friends are dressing, aging and what they are purchasing. For brands this is a not only a potentially free marketing tool, it […]

Keeping up with the Zuckerbergs

We all now know that each page only has access to between 3-6% of their followers in the timeline. This means that Facebook wants us to use promotion to access more of the network we worked hard to build. Is it fair? How do we deal with the ever changing Facebook algorithm?…. Content. We have […]

Shoppable Video

YouTube is the second largest search engine online… behind who? Yep, google. Having the right content on YouTube for brands is becoming more and more important. If your consumers are on YouTube searching and researching, you need to be stocking your product in the same arena. Combining engaging content with product is difficult at best, […]