Hashtags are an increasingly popular way to promote your brand.
The main benefit in using a hashtags in social media is to reach a large audience with little cost. By using this booming tool you can spread your brand and take advantage of new treads and push your message out.
The hashtag (#) is now the most commonplace notation used to identify topic relating to your business in social media. The # symbol is used to mark keywords or topics in a “Tweet” or media “Post”. Originally created by Twitter users as a way to categorize message, the use has now been incorporated by other Social Media sites.
The term ‘hashtag’ has come to refer to the topic is contains. Often hashtags are single words, others are multiple words strung together without spaces. The key indicator is the # symbol prior to the start of the text.

Hashtag are like the index of a book. By using the hashtagged words, you can quickly search for the topic(s) you are looking for. Hashtagging has become extremely popular and has become a trend. Events in the news, sports and entertainment are using hashtags.
Multimedia generators, such as Postano, are using these hashtags to collect media posts and creating media catalogues sites to post all the data about your company or product.

Anyone can start a hashtag and hope users pick it up. This can be a way to promote your business name or service. Starting from scratch requires a concerted effort. Like any marketing effort, you will need to spread the word about your hashtag.

Use it whenever relevant, put it on your website, include it on your company’s promotional materials. Retweet or repost any tweets of posts that use the hashtag and invite your customers to use it to submit their stories or experiences with your service. You must remain consistent and over time your tag will catch on.